Ready North

Community-based network for disaster resilience. 

Mission & Purpose

Ready North’s mission is to build greater regional resilience and strengthen disaster recovery through community-aligned preparedness projects.

Ready North aims to connect organizations with local-level knowledge and relationships with emergency management expertise across sectors to exchange information and coordinate planning, resources, and projects. Members are committed to being inclusive in mitigating, preparing for, responding to, and recovering from disasters. We use a marginalized population lens to ensure the needs and priorities of all in the region are considered and addressed.

We value inclusion, transparency, equity, and diversity.

Network Core Members

The American Red Cross is a community-based organization that alleviates human suffering in the face of emergencies. By helping people learn how to take care of their families and neighbors, the Red Cross strengthens communities and readies them for all types of disasters. 

The mission of the Arrowhead Regional Transportation Coordinating Council is to improve access, availability, and options for transportation services in northeastern Minnesota through improved communication, coordination, and collaboration. This includes planning effective transportation for emergency preparedness.

Duluth Aging Support is committed to enhancing the lives of older adults and caregivers in the Northland through education, outreach, advocacy, resources, and collaboration. Through the Ready North network, we can prepare for and improve disaster recovery responses and resilience for community members of all ages.

Dedicated to saving life and property by safeguarding our citizens through progressive code enforcement, fire prevention, public education, effective emergency response, and adapting to meet the changing needs of our community.

Duluth Superior Area Community Foundation works to improve lives and communities in northeast Minnesota, northwest Wisconsin, and the seven sovereign nations in this region. We provide grants that finance good work in our region, scholarships to further education of people of all ages, and leadership on important community issues.

Ecolibrium3 is dedicated to leading and inspiring change in our community toward an equitable and sustainable future. Resilience is a key component in ensuring the protection of our environment and the future of our community’s sustainable development. 

LiveWell! Northern WI is part of a larger innovative, holistic mental health project created to support those of you who are living, working, and attending school in Douglas County. We also are promoting healing and welcoming spaces; public and private spaces that are intentional for sitting and being with others in a way that invites contemplation and conversation.

The City of Duluth received a Cities of Service Love Your Block grant to build relationships between residents and the city to improve neighborhoods. The aim is to foster collaborative caretaking of public spaces and of our neighbors, which will be necessary when building resilient communities.

The mission of St. Louis County is to promote health and safety, ensure sound infrastructure, embrace our natural resources, and support an environment where communities prosper.

Minnesota Sea Grant helps enhance the practical use and conservation of Great Lakes resources in order to create a sustainable economy and environment. We use research, extension, and communication to support communities as they plan for, adapt to, and recover from extreme weather events and climate change impacts.

Udac is committed to creating an inclusive community for people of all abilities to be successful in employment and civic life. The elimination of structural and historic barriers for people with disabilities is facilitated through planned collaborations with business and civic partners.