Reducing Risk

Mitigate, or reduce, your risk for disasters. 

Reducing Your Risk for Flooding

Consider which of the following methods are most appropriate for your home. Note that flood mitigation measures need to be tailored to your property. Ready North recommends you consult with experts in design and construction. 

  • Maintain proper runoff and drainage 
  • Improve lot grading 
  • Reduce impervious surfaces around your home
  • Install a rain barrel
  • Elevate utilities and service equipment
  • Anchor outdoor fuel tanks
  • Protect your valuable possessions
  • Seal your foundation and basement walls
  • Install flood vents
  • Install sump pump
  • Prevent sewer backups
  • Use flood-resistant building materials
  • Raise electrical system components
  • Protect utilities and service equipment
  • Anchor indoor fuel tanks
  • Install a flood alert system

Stormwater Solutions

Landowners are responsible for caring for their land and how it affects the landscape. Here are some easy stormwater solutions to manage the flow of runoff from your property, and reduce potential damages, while keeping pollution from your local waterways!

Gutters direct water from your roof away from the house to a storm drain or your yard. You can control pollution and drainage by:

  • Cleaning your gutters regularly, reducing debris in the water
  • Redirect the downspout away from sidewalks and driveways and aim it toward your lawn or garden
  • Attaching a rain barrel

Plant a rain garden! Rain gardens help the absoarption of water into the ground, rather than running off. They can also reduce pollutants and provide a beautiful garden with shelter for pollinators and wildlife. 

Planning a new driveway? Remodeling? Integrate green infrastructure into your project. 

  • Permeable pavement greatly reduces runoff
  • Plant native trees and mow your grass less, keeping it 3 inches tall

Improve Your Energy Resilience

Step one to improving your energy resilience is to have an energy audit done. Ecolibrium3 offers free home energy audits for those that income qualify. Audits may be done for homeowners or renters.

The Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) is a landmark federal law that aims to reduce inflation, lower prescription drug costs, invest in domestic energy production, and promote clean energy. Several programs funded by the IRA will help improve energy efficiency. Consider what resilience measures you can take as you upgrade your home, including insulation and sealing, doors and windows, electrical panels, and solar and storage. 

Insulation & Sealing

Your house will retain heat or cooling and be better suited to handle outside temperatures.

Electrical Panel

Raising your electrical panel can help reduce water and electrical damage during a flood.

Doors & Windows

Improving the quality of your doors and windows can reduce drafts and improve sealing.

Solar & Storage

Generating electricity can reduce your risk of a power outage when the grid is out.

What You Can Do

Take these steps to learn more about reducing your energy burden and find out what you can save. 

Understanding your home’s energy use will allow you to maximize savings and resilience. Ecolibrium3 provides free or advanced home energy audits to any Minnesota Power customer (owner or renter).

The Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) is a landmark federal law that is investing in domestic energy production, and promoting clean energy. Several programs funded by the IRA will help improve energy efficiency. 

Use this resource from Rewiring America to see how much money you may get with the Inflation Reduction Act and when it is available. 

Mental Health

Find emotional support before you need it most. Mental health care plays a pivotal role in fostering emotional resilience. It’s about equipping individuals with the tools to navigate through life’s challenges, process emotions healthily, and bounce back from adversities. By prioritizing mental health, we can strengthen our emotional resilience, enabling us to handle stress more effectively, recover from setbacks quicker, and ultimately lead happier, more fulfilling lives.