Pet Preparedness

Include your pet in disaster planning to ensure their safety and well being! 

Prepare Your Pet

As part of your family, your pets’ safety is equally important and they too need a disaster preparedness plan that includes a safe haven, emergency supplies, and up-to-date identification.

  1. Create a Pet Emergency Kit: This should include food, water, medications, veterinary records, and comfort items like toys and blankets to help reduce stress.
  2. Keep Updated Identification: Ensure your pet has a collar with up-to-date identification details and consider microchipping as a more permanent form of ID.
  3. Plan a Pet-Friendly Safe Place: Identify a safe place where your pet can stay during a disaster, as many emergency shelters do not allow pets. Consider options like pet-friendly hotels or staying with family or friends outside the disaster zone.

Pet Emergency Kit

Prepare your pet like you would your family. Think about what your pet needs on a day-to-day basis to survive. Here are some items you should consider:

Additional Resources

Use these additional resources to prepare your animals.